We wrote the chapters on Defenses, Arrests and Investigatory Stops, and Search and Seizure!

Fraud and embezzlement are crimes perpetrated for financial gain. As a crime involving honesty, the impact of these charges can be devastating, both for the defendant and for family members. Criminal penalties may be severe. Moreover, these charges can have a powerful, long term effect on your life beyond court. The damage to your reputation in the business world and your employability may prove especially devastating, making it difficult to support your loved ones.

Should you suspect you are being investigated for this or any other type of “white collar” crime, in or out of the workplace, contact me immediately.

With proper legal representation early on, I have at times helped my clients avoid charges ever being brought. Clients who are not represented by a qualified attorney often make incriminating statements that later prevent them from making a successful defense.

Even if you are charged with a crime, the State must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I can evaluate the prosecution’s case to help formulate the best possible defense. Did the police exceed the limits of their search warrant? Were you given your Miranda rights at the proper time? Did someone else have access to the compromised financial accounts?

Even if the evidence against you is overwhelming, an experienced attorney who is respected in the courthouse can often negotiate a better plea agreement than you could on your own.

A survey of some problems faced by convicted individuals in returning to the workforce can be found at Criminal Records and Getting Back into the Workforce: Six Critical Steps for Ex-offenders Trying to Get Back into the Workforce.