Matt Keenan’s Law Office

While the nature of an offense can seem identical whether you are 14 or 40, the court treats a juvenile and an adult very differently. The legal processes and defense strategies for a juvenile crime vary dramatically from an adult’s. In dealing with alleged juvenile offenders, I address all issues relating to the case including:

•Substance Abuse
•School Problems
•Psychological Challenges

When necessary, I have referred clients to highly qualified professionals. In many cases, the willingness of a juvenile to undergo treatment can have a highly favorable impact on the case’s outcome.

Sometimes, it is also desirable to contact the prosecuting attorney before the court date in order to discuss court diversion alternatives. These alternatives include community service or appearing before a jury of juveniles who can suggest a more productive punishment.

If you or your child has been approached by law enforcement or charged with a crime, please contact me immediately for the best chance of a favorable outcome.

A particularly useful overview of the issues relating to Illinois juvenile law can be found at Juvenile Justice Initiative.