Admitted to Illinois State Bar 1992.

Law School: Loyola University of Chicago, 1989.

College: B.A. Beloit College, 1985.  (Magna Cum Laude).

Languages:  Spanish, French

Memberships:  Illinois State Bar Association, American Civil Liberties Union, American Society of Legal Advocates (Top 100 lawyer); Better Business Bureau.

Publications Include:

1) Chapters 3 and 5 in lllinois Jurisprudence, Criminal Law and Procedure, Vol. 1 (Lexis Nexis, 2014);

2) Chapters 8, 16 and 17 in lllinois Jurisprudence, Criminal Law and Procedure, Vol. 2 (Lexis Nexis, 2014);

3) “Representing Students in School Residency Challenges,” Illinois Bar Journal, January 2011, Vol. 1, Page 40.

As a Skokie criminal and DUI defense attorney with over 25 years experience throughout the Chicago area, I handle criminal, DUI, traffic tickets, assault, battery, burglary, cybercrime, cyber stalking, domestic violence, drug possession and other drug offenses such as possession with intent to deliver aka drug dealing, felonies, forgery, gun cases, internet crime, juvenile court crime, leaving the scene of an accident, license reinstatements, misdemeanors, moving violations, pardons, probation violations, resisting arrest, retail theft, shoplifting, speeding violations,theft and white collar crimes.


I don’t assume your case has no defense, and neither should you.

Before I even consider making a plea bargain in your case, the State of Illinois has to convince me that there is no other choice.

Until then, I will investigate all your options. Did the police have probable cause to stop you? Does the state have the evidence necessary to convict you? Can I get any evidence against you thrown out by the judge? For most criminal offenses, the State of Illinois must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. My job is to hold them to that burden by probing the State’s case for weaknesses.

But even if the evidence against you is overwhelming, I may still be able to help you. An experienced, respected attorney can often negotiate a better plea agreement than you could on your own. I can help present your situation to the Court in its most favorable light.

No attorney can legitimately guarantee you an outcome, and neither can I. We simply do not control the judge or the facts. But I can guarantee that I will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome for your particular case.

I can help you clear your criminal record through expungment, sealing or as a last resort, petitioning the governor for a pardon. I also handle commutation of sentences.

As a school law attorney, I approach your case by considering the facts and the school district personnel involved. Will a letter from me help? Or can I better assist you by remaining behind the scenes and advising you on a course of action? Is it possible to work out an agreement with the school? If not, I am ready to fight for you at the school district or higher education level hearing. My school law practice includes residency hearings and school discipline matters such as academic dishonesty and expulsion. I also can help teachers with termination matters.