Cook County Circuit Court, District 2 Courthouse, Skokie, IL

Fraud and embezzlement are crimes perpetrated for financial gain. Crimes of honesty, the impact of these charges can be devastating, both for the defendant and family members.

While criminal penalties may be severe, these charges can have a long term and powerful effect on your life beyond court. The damage to your reputation in the business world is incalculable. The effect on your long-term employability may prove even more devastating.

Should you suspect that you are being investigated for this type of crime, in or out of the workplace, contact me immediately. Clients who are not represented by a qualified attorney often make incriminating statements that later prevent them from mounting a successful defense. With proper legal representation early on, I have at times helped my clients avoid charges ever being brought.

If you are charged with fraud, I can examine whether the police followed lawful procedures in searching you or your computer and in making an arrest. If not, I can petition the judge to suppress any illegally obtained evidence against you. Even if police acted lawfully, can the prosecute prove all the elements of your crime beyond a reasonable doubt? I can help present your case in its most favorable light in hopes of a not guilty verdict.

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