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Matt Keenan

For nearly 30 years, I have handled a wide variety of criminal, DUI and traffic matters ranging from speeding tickets to homicide throughout the Chicago and north suburban area. I will work diligently for your defense, exploring all your options. I also help clients clear their criminal record either through a petition to expunge/seal or the more complex pardon/commutation process. Besides criminal matters, I represent students and families in school residency challenges and student discipline proceedings.

A graduate of Loyola University School of Law and Beloit College, Magna Cum Laude, I contributed chapters to Illinois Jurisprudence, Criminal Law and Procedure, as well as an article on school residency law in the Illinois State Bar Journal.

Se habla espanol.

Thomas Breen
I’ve worked with Matt many times. He shows great skills while defending his clients.
matthew house
Matt was an excellent help. He was able to answer all my questions and when we went to court he was able to get a favorable ruling for me. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family.
Josh Carlos
Matt took care of my concerns and addressed my situation with great poise and attention to detail, no matter what the court system threw at me, he found the solution. A trusted counsel and an overall good person, I would highly recommend Matt Keenan Law.
Chris Johnson
I worked with Mr. Keenan and he was the first attorney I ever had to work with. I cannot say enough good things about Matt. He is very professional and knows his work extremely well. My case was in Skokie and he knows many of the people who work in that area. I highly recommend Matt if you are looking for someone who is at the top of their game!!
Michael Tabar
Matt was fantastic. Couldn't ask for a better lawyer. He really understands how people and the court system work.
Everett Alvarez
I have been working with Matt for the past 3 years on my DUI case. It has been quite a journey and thankful for his professionalism and expertise. Every case is different, so therefore this case took this long. But I was confident that I had a case and he work with me on to best tackle the case and the politics of court diplomacy. He was great. Thank you, Matt
Jim Aglikin
Matt was timely, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. I am very satisfied with his services and he truly over delivered on what my expectations were.
Jimmy Sepulveda
Matt Keenan helped me big time! Getting a DUI thrown away because he was knowledgeable and was willing to fight for me. He knew we could beat it and that’s what we did. I appreciate the work he did!! If you want a lawyer that knows people and knows the law, then Mr Keenan is your man.
Blue Moon Soon
This is a leap of Faith, stalker, gas lighting, identity left, robbery. Need HELP!!! Thank you for your help.
Menendez Bros
When you are going through a legal distress, it is difficult to think clearly and make good decisions. That, in addition to not understanding a legal process, complicates matters even more. As soon as we explained the situation, Mr. Matt Kennan had a solid plan, outlining in clear language the steps in the process, that where needed to be done. He was reassuring, articulate, knowable and effective. Mr. Matt made the process so much easier and gave me peace of mind in a stressful but successful outcome. He always had a fast response and down to earth advice. He was very good about managing real expectations and what was most important he was very ACCESSIBLE. Phone calls were returned without delay from 7:00am to 11:00 pm. Mr. Kennan made a very hard time of my life a lot easier. Never once did I doubt, I was in the best possible hands. Mr. Kennan was recommended from a trusted friend and was some of the "Best" advice I have ever received.

Areas of Expertise

Matt Keenan is a legal advocate skilled in criminal, DUI, traffic and education law who also speaks Spanish and French and can offer invaluable expertise. He handles a range of legal issues—from defending against criminal charges to addressing education law matters at the school level—while serving a diverse clientele from all over the world and all walks of life.

What we do

I offer expert legal defense in DUI, criminal and school law matters. I can analyze your case to help you present your best possible defense. Did police act legally? If not, I can petition the court to suppress the evidence from the illegal stop or search. Can the prosecutor prove all the elements of your offense beyond a reasonable doubt? If the evidence against you is weak, I can take your case to trial before a judge or jury. Even if the police acted lawfully and the evidence against you is overwhelming, I can help negotiate a more favorable plea agreement than you might on your own.

I also help families and students in school-related issues like expulsion and residency hearings. I can help you present your most favorable evidence at the school hearing, or if possible, help you work out an agreement with the school.

For dedicated support and strategies tailored to your case, contact me.

Experts in the field

In “Illinois Jurisprudence, Criminal Law and Procedure, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2,” we contributed chapters on arrests, investigatory stops, defenses, search and seizure motions, discovery, and evidentiary matters, offering an in-depth analysis and practical strategies for navigating criminal litigation in Illinois. We aim to provide our clients with the most informed solutions possible.

“Matt went above and beyond on my expectations regarding my case. He is very knowledgeable and explained everything to me and got the best outcome for me. He really cares about his clients and does everything he can to make sure you are taken care of through this tough time. I would highly recommend him.”

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