Cook County Circuit Court, 3rd District, Rolling Meadows, IL

What if years ago you were arrested in Illinois, and you never finished dealing with your case? Maybe you moved out of state and started a new life, but you are afraid this old warrant may come back to haunt you.  Is it too late to clear things up?

I can help you by petitioning the court to vacate your old warrant and explain the circumstances surrounding your failure to appear in the original case. By knowing the people in the courthouses where I practice, I can assess the best time to bring this petition and the best arguments to use on your behalf. You will likely need to appear in person for this hearing rathern than on zoom.

Often, a judge will vacate your old warrant and allow the case to proceed. I can then defend you at trial or, if necessary, work out a plea agreement. At times, the underlying charges may even be dismissed, although this result varies tremendously from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and depends on the severity of your original offense.