Cook County Circuit Court, District 2 Courthouse, Skokie, IL

If your driver’s license has been suspended for DUI, you might only need to pay a fee at the end of your suspension period to get your driver’s license back.

If your license has been revoked, however, you will have to fight for it. And that means you will need to be well prepared. As an experienced attorney, I can guide you through this process so that you may have your best chance of success.

After revocation, you will need to petition the Illinois Secretary of State to get your license back. You will have to submit documentation at a hearing to prove that you deserve to drive. Be aware that the Secretary of State’s first impulse is to deny your petition. It is much safer for the Secretary to say no than to end up in the news for granting a petition to someone who was later involved in a deadly drunk driving accident.

To prove you are trustworthy, you will need to attend appropriate alcohol education classes, obtain treatment for any substance abuse issues and submit an expert evaluation. The choice of this expert can be critical.

As an attorney, I can help prepare the petition and any documentation, present your case at the hearing and help you choose an appropriate expert.

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Information about the Illinois Secretary of State’s Reinstatement Fees can be found at Driver’s License Reinstatement Fees.