Matt Keenan

In an era of heightened security and paranoia, many schools are quick to suspend or expel students. This occurs despite changes in Illinois law eliminating zero tolerance policies and requiring that expulsion be used only as a last resort.

I have represented students who were charged with offenses as varied as using profanity, bringing razors to school, making internet threats, indecent exposure on school property, and even one case in which the victim of an unprovoked attack by another student was suspended for fighting!

If you believe your child is about to be suspended or expelled, call me immediately to discuss your options. There are times when it may be counter productive to bring an attorney into the picture. If so, I can still advise you behind the scenes. At other times, the school may take a parent who has hired an attorney more seriously. In those cases, I can present evidence on your child’s behalf at the discipline hearing or in some cases negotiate a compromise that is acceptable to all parties. The earlier you call me in the process, the more I may be able to help.